Design & Build Process


How We work


Full Consultation

The package starts with a visit from a member of the design team and a member of the construction team. They spend some time with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve from your new space and get to know the property. They will talk you through any planning implications and identify any further professional input that you will require such as building control and party wall.


Measured Survey

The design team carries out a full measured survey of your property in order to produce plans and elevational drawings of the existing layout



We then start to work on the design of the new space, addressing your wish list and providing alternative ways of achieving it – some will be what you expect and some will challenge you to look at the space in a different way. We want to make sure we have explored all the options.


Pre-Planning Application

If the design will require planning permission and we think it may not be straightforward, we can submit a pre-planning application to the local council to get their feedback


Planning permission

Once we have finalised the design we can submit the planning application or application for a certificate of lawful development permitted development for you budget.



Having input from the construction team means that we can keep an eye on the budget and the likely effect that the different design options will have on the cost of your project.

If you know what you want to spend then we can help you keep to that rather than designing a building that will be beyond your reach


Schedule of works

Once we know the scope of the work we draw up a full itemised schedule of works covering every aspect of the build from demolition to final site clean. This helps to make a raft of important decisions at an early stage so that the estimate for your work will be more accurate from the outset when building work starts you will be ready to go.

The schedule can be used to get comparable estimates from us and other contractors.
Party wall structural engineer and building control urban design can put you in touch with the party wall surveyor or structural engineer and building control company to help you take the project to the next stage.

Other design services urban design can provide electrical and lighting plans interior design and project coordination.



Urban design build is an established building company in North London specialising in full refurbishment Extensions and loft conversion is. We pride ourselves on delivering quality building work on time and on budget.
Urban Design Build offers a full Design & Build Service.  We can take you from the very earliest stages of your project through to completion, leading to a comprehensive approach from beginning to end.


What’s included

  • time with the construction and design teams discussing how to extend or reconfigure your space
  • drawings of floor plans and elevations to help identify the best way forward, to take you through the planning process and on to the build stage
  • submission of your Planning Application should it be required
  • any professional services that your project may need such as a Buildings Inspector, Structural Engineer and Party Wall Surveyor
  • a full schedule of works (a detailed list of the work to be done).

This service helps you make a raft of important decisions at an early stage so that the estimate for the work will be more accurate from the outset and, when building work starts, you are really ready to go.

The schedule can be used to get comparable estimates from us and other contractors.

Ready To Start New Project With Urban Design Build?

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